About ​Sjoerd Remers

Sjoerd Remers advises and litigates in all areas of employment law, including dismissals, non-compete clauses, reorganizations, strikes, collective employment contracts, cross-border employment and flexible employment relationships (such as with self-employed workers, temporary employees and individuals working under management contracts).

In addition, Sjoerd specializes in areas at the intersection of employment law and corporate law, such as transfers of undertakings, employee participation, shareholder disputes, (corporate governance related) remuneration issues, employee co-determination, the unwinding of cooperation arrangements (e.g. professional and general partnerships) and the dismissal of directors.

Sjoerd is a member of the Vereniging voor Arbeidsrecht (Employment Law Association), Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Amsterdam (Employment Lawyers Association Amsterdam) and Vereniging Jonge Arbeidsrecht Advocaten (Young Employment Lawyers Association). He publishes regularly on a wide range of employment law subjects.

Sjoerd studied law at Universiteit van Amsterdam where he received a master’s degree in employment law, cum laude, in 2014. He was admitted to the Dutch Bar in 2015 and has been with Lexence since 2016.