Employment law

The team

Our team of employment lawyers works for national and international companies and non-profit organisations, particularly in healthcare. We advise HR departments, company lawyers, works councils and directors on all aspects of this area of law. For example, we assist in the event of employment disputes, incapacity for work and reorganisations; and we advise on employee participation, corporate fraud, and privacy. Advising and litigating are both part of our daily activities. Our clients are active in all sectors of business, including retail, healthcare, food, transport, energy, finance, and manufacturing.

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What we do

Direct advice

The employment law team likes to have short lines of communication. We cut to the chase, assess cases critically, and where possible leave the reams of paperwork to others. This pragmatic approach is precisely why many of our clients have been with us for years.

Efficient restructuring and reorganisations

Our in-depth legal and financial experience puts us in a unique position when it comes to restructuring and corporate reorganisations. We can take care of all aspects of your restructuring, from initial preparations to the termination of employment contracts. Our unique proprietary programme will give you quick insight into redundancy selection, severance pay, redeployment possibilities and financial scenarios – so you can see at a glance what the best possible situation would be. And the detailed and accurate cost estimate we provide before we begin means there’ll be no major surprises waiting for you once the job is done.

Tackling corporate fraud with

An instance of fraud, corruption or unlawful competition can have a huge impact on an organisation. It’s not just about the financial side of things or the harm it can do to your reputation; it’s also about the sense of losing control and the need to regain it. Some cases require rapid action, others smart and strategic measures coupled with long-term risk management. But always with the greatest possible care., a joint initiative of Hoffmann Bedrijfsrecherche B.V. and Lexence, is a one-stop shop for organisations seeking fraud and integrity screening and legal services.

What our clients say

"Clients refer to the firm's pragmatism, one acclaiming its 'practical, hands-on approach.' Another client underlines its attentiveness, citing its 'quick turnaround'."
Chambers (2021)
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Online tools for dismissal, compensation and more

Our employment lawyers have developed several handy online tools that are free and will save you a lot of time:

  • International secondment quick scan
  • Calculate the transition payment
  • Calculate the subdistrict court formula
  • Dismissal check tool
  • Redeployment tool
  • Check your competition clause
  • Does it involve inadequate performance?
  • Does it involve the transfer of an undertaking?
  • Provisions on the succession of fixed-term employment contracts (Ketenregeling)
  • Dismissal on economic grounds
  • Dismissal of a director under the Articles of Association
  • Compensation for transition payment


  • Employment contracts;
  • Terms of employment/collective bargaining law;
  • Non-compete clauses;
  • Flexible employment relationships;
  • Fraud/compliance;
  • Individual and collective dismissal law;
  • Employee participation (Works Council Act);
  • Transfers of undertakings;
  • Privacy;
  • Legal position of directors;
  • Corporate reorganisations;
  • Sickness/reintegration.
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