What we offer

Lexence offers optimal service, uncompromising quality and maximum efficiency. In practice this means:

Short communication lines, long-lasting relationships

We don’t believe in ivory towers. You can reach us at any time, from early morning to late in the evening. This goes for all of us, from trainees to partners. Because we know that developing a close relationship requires easy mutual accessibility at all times.

In-depth knowledge, sharp thinkers

The legal professionals who work at Lexence are not the type who know a little about everything. They are specialists,  comfortable working at the cutting edge of their field. Sharp thinkers who can give you concrete advice because they know your business inside and out. Experts in real estate and corporate law who are keen to work with you on the smartest deals.

Small teams, big cases

At Lexence we believe in growth but not in “the bigger, the better”. We’d rather be fast and efficient. That’s why we work in small and well-attuned teams of specialists. Lawyers and civil law notaries who are always ready to tackle the serious work: solving complex problems in real estate and company law.

International cooperation

To be able to serve every client at all times, we work closely with other law firms in the Netherlands and abroad where necessary. Through our participation in Meritas, a highly-regarded international network of independent law firms, we can always find the right firm with which to partner. Meritas is one of the largest such networks in the world, with 180 members in 90 countries.

Management board

Peter Reinders – managing partner

Peter has been with Lexence since 2003. As managing partner he is a member of the firm’s management board, together with two other partners who are each appointed for a three-year term.

Judith Schulp – lawyer/partner

Judith has been a member of the management board since 2016. She specializes in employment law and corporate law, with many years of experience in mergers and acquisitions.

Wouter Helder – lawyer/partner

Wouter has served on the management board since 2018. He specializes in M&A and private equity transactions.

Peter Reinders - Judith Schulp - Wouter Helder