Professional liability & disciplinary rules

Our litigation lawyers regularly handle professional liability claims against lawyers, civil law notaries, tax advisors and accountantsacting for both plaintiff and defendant (whether the professional or the insurer). We also regularly act on one side or the other in disciplinary proceedings for alleged misconduct on the part of such professionals. Our lawyers’ extensive experience and pragmatic approach helps them formulate a clear analysis and strategy and achieve the best feasible result.

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Relevant experience

  • Litigation against a tax and accounting firm for providing incomplete and incorrect advice regarding a takeover;
  • Litigated against a civil law notary in disciplinary proceedings based on his alleged role in removing assets from the reach of creditors;
  • Litigated against a law firm for failing to submit a verification claim on time in a bankruptcy case;
  • Litigation against an auditing firm in connection with fundamental errors in financial statements drawn up by that firm.

Our specialisms within litigation