Arbitration offers a confidential, efficient and flexible way to resolve commercial disputes, as it gives the parties involved the freedom to choose the applicable procedural framework and timetable and the rules on (witness) evidence and expert witnesses. Furthermore, parties are able to choose arbitrators, based on expertise and/or experience. In light of these advantages, arbitration plays an important role in the resolution of commercial disputes in the Netherlands.

The Lexence arbitration team has extensive experience in both domestic and international arbitration, including arbitration under the arbitration rules of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute, the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry, the International Chamber of Commerce, UNCITRAL and SGOA/ITDR-experts in IT and data conflict management, as well as ad hoc proceedings. The team is also able to advise and assist on arbitration clauses and setting-aside and enforcement proceedings.

Please click here for an extensive overview of the proceedings and rules in respect of arbitration in the Netherlands.

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Relevant experience

  • Represented a foreign University in international arbitration on a joint venture dispute with its US based partner;
  • Represented a large professional service provider in domestic arbitration on the buy-out several of its partners;
  • Represented a majority shareholder in an Euronext listed company in summery arbitral proceedings, initiated by its minority shareholder;
  • Represented retailers, industrial parties and service providers in domestic arbitration on IT disputes.

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