Insolvency, financing & security

With a strong and diverse insolvency law practice, our litigation lawyers regularly advise and represent financially troubled companies (or their directors) as well as the suppliers, customers or other counterparties of such companies. Their areas of expertise include the creation and enforcement of (personal or in rem) security rights, such as suretyships, “article 403 declarations” (whereby a parent company assumes joint and several liability for the debts of its subsidiaries, releasing them from the obligation to draw up and publish separate financial statements), pledges and mortgages.

Relevant experience

  • Advised and represented the management board and supervisory board of a large healthcare institution in financial trouble;
  • Defended various companies against fraudulent preference claims brought by trustees in bankruptcy;
  • Enforced mortgages created over parts of a recreation park that went bankrupt;
  • Advised and represented the shareholder/director of a bankrupt machine manufacturer implementing a restart.

Our specialisms within litigation