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a friend of mine and Second Degree join forces with TamTam

​April 6, 2016 – On April 1st 2016, a friend of mine and Second Degree will join forces with digital agency TamTam. Together they will continue to build an international network of digital agencies that can create digital customer experiences from A to Z. Lexence assisted TamTam with its strategic merger.


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Last year a friend of mine led the Emerce 100 list as the number one social agency in the Netherlands. Second Degree is market leader in LinkedIn marketing in the Netherlands. After similar partnerships with Supersteil (UX & Design) and Expand Online (Online Marketing), these are the third and fourth specialists to join the network around digital agency TamTam. The group now includes more than 260 digital specialists.

Marcel van der Heijden, founder of a friend of mine: “Having started out as a ‘Facebook agency’ four years ago, we have now grown into a digital agency with a social heart. With a team of 30 people we work for well-known national and international brands, and now it’s time for the next step. Our shared passion for entrepreneurship and love of digital make us feel very much at home within the group. Our aim is simple: keep growing and making extraordinary work together.”

Martine Meijburg, founder of Second Degree: “We have been in business for three years and every day we see further proof that B2B marketing on LinkedIn is an enormous growth market. We work with top clients and our turnover and workforce have tripled in size in the last year, but we have had to turn down many promising projects to maintain the quality of our work. This is a great opportunity to get Second Degree to the next level.”

The four agencies will each retain their own name while offering clients the advantages of shared knowledge and joint project teams. The partnership will give them instant access to key Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn business partners in the Netherlands. This will ensure that wide consideration is given to digital customer journeys and the media that can be used most effectively to create digital customer experience.

Dimi Albers, Managing Director of TamTam: “We are very proud of the fact that two of the best agencies in the Netherlands in the area of campaigning, social and LinkedIn marketing have chosen to join us. We complement each other perfectly in terms of our range of services and culture and we can’t wait to start working in partnership for clients!”

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