Press release ⸱ 03-02-2022

Lexence celebrates 30 years with new positioning

Amsterdam, 2 february 2022

Lexence has been in business for 30 years, a milestone is it celebrating with a new, sharper and more contemporary positioning. Lexence lawyers & notaries stands for ‘The new way of doing business’ and thus emphasizes the company’s inherent nature: to the point, averse to hierarchy and straight to the chase. Central to this is personal attention to every aspect of the client’s journey and this is emphasised across the board with the pithy slogan, ‘To the point’.

“We want to be the firm of choice for the corporate market, and we understand perfectly how agile businesses need to be in these times”, says Wendy de Ruiter-Lörx, managing partner of Lexence. “What struck me about Lexence from day one was the huge focus on clients. It’s wonderful how our people put clients’ interests first and do anything for them. That’s in Lexence’s DNA and so we’ve made it central to our positioning.”

The unveiling of the new logo at the iconic Infinity building just off the ring road in Amsterdam kicked off the new positioning on 1 February. This also marked the launch of a new website and a new recruitment campaign, with the slogan ‘Know what you’re choosing’. De Ruiter-LörxL: “We also want to make it very clear to talented jobseekers what we stand for, and our new recruitment campaign is aimed at the self-starters, the can-doers and the go-getters. We are the firm of choice for people who know what they want, which we emphasise in this campaign.”



de Ruiter-Lörx

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