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Base Logistics Group acquires SLS Benelux

March 14, 2019 – Base Logistics Group has announced the acquisition of Special Logistic Services BV (SLS). From its offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, SLS supports organizations with a Field Service in the performance of time-critical distribution, storage and return logistics of, among other things, service parts and supplies. SLS is part of European Service Logistics Association (ESLA), an exclusive European partnership for night distribution and service logistics. Lexence has advised Base Logistics Group with the acquisition.


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The activities and strategy of SLS fit well with those of Base Logistics, which strengthens its position in the field of Field Service in the Benelux thanks to the acquisition. The acquisition also gives Base Logistics access to a European Field Service network through the ESLA partnership.

Waterland Private Equity Investments added Base Logistics to its investment portfolio in 2016, to develop Base Logistics into an internationally leading logistics organization. SLS is the second company to be included in Base Logistics Group after HealthLink Europe was added in 2017.


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