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Whitepaper Employment Law – Q&A regarding the Corona virus.

Jordi Rosendahl, attorney and partner at Lexence, wrote this white paper about the Corona virus. The corona virus is throwing many into commotion and has also resulted in some employment-law
questions for employers. This Q&A will provide answers to the five most important and most common

  • Can I oblige my employee to work from home?
  • Can my employee refuse to work at the office?
  • Can I forbid my employee from going on holiday to a country where the corona virus is occurring?
  • Is my employee entitled to wages when they are infected with the corona virus while they are on holiday
  • Is my employee entitled to wages if they are unable to return to the Netherlands because the roads and/or airports are closed?
  • The effects of the corona virus have temporarily resulted in a lower amount of work for
    me. Can I have my employees work less and pay them less?

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Author information

This white paper was written by Jordi Rosendahl, lawyer and partner at Lexence. Jordi specializes in employment law and in particular the rules on dismissals. He also advises employers and managers on employment law issues in the broadest sense. Jordi has a special interest in the various types of working arrangements, as in the case of “ZZPrs” (self-employed workers without employees), temporary employees, secondees, subcontractors and platform labor.

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