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Triodos Organic Growth Fund takes stake in Ecoffee Cup

November 13, 2018 – Triodos Organic Growth Fund has taken a minority stake in Ecoffee Cup, an innovative, UK-based consumer goods brand that develops and sells style-driven, reusable products for use in the on-the-go market. The long-term investment from Triodos Organic Growth Fund supports Ecoffee Cup in its ambition to promote re-use to a mainstream audience. Triodos Organic Growth Fund was advised by Lexence.


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Each year, some 10 trillion single-use items are manufactured. Less than 30% of these items are recycled globally – meaning that more than two thirds end up in either landfill or, worse still, oceans. As part of this massive overall problem, over 100 billion single-use takeaway cups form part of this waste cycle, with the volume of the problem growing each year. Due to their plastic lining, less than one in 400 Single-use takeaway cups is recycled. Ecoffee Cup believes recycling is not the answer but behaviour change towards re-use is.

Driven by their mantra that there’s “no excuse for single use”, the founders and owners of Ecoffee Cup aspire to create innovative products that can replace single-use items in the out-of-home market. Their main product offering is a natural fiber-based to-go cup in multiple sizes and designs – offering a practical and stylish alternative to single-use cups. Ecoffee Cup is the first investment of Triodos Organic Growth Fund in the United Kingdom.


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