Meritas helps with cross-border labor issues

May 15, 2017 – Lexence is a member of leading international network Meritas, one of the largest networks of independent law firms in the world, with 175 firms in more than 70 countries.


Employment law



The growing internationalization of professional services means that effective mobility in the labor market plays an increasingly important role. Meritas has therefore prepared the European Guide to International Mobility, in which 22 European countries discuss the following questions in relation to cross-border labor:

1. Does the worker need a work permit?
2. What social security system applies?
3. Is the worker required to pay tax?
4. What employment terms must apply, according to mandatory law?
5. What happens when the international secondment ends?

If this is relevant for your organization, feel free to download the brochure. If you have questions about cross-border labor and international secondment, contact Annejet Balm via

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