World Child Cancer

As of July 1, 2022, Lexence is a proud partner of World Child Cancer NL (WCC NL), a foundation that is committed to children with cancer in poorer countries with the aim of improving the chances of recovery and quality of life of those children. A unique collaboration with an ambitious foundation, where personal attention and quality are paramount. Together we make a difference by sharing knowledge and expertise and securing it locally, working together with WCC NL’s most important, substantive partner: the Outreach team of the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology.

The partnership immediately ensures that pediatric oncologists in the Netherlands can transfer their knowledge and expertise to specialists in poor countries. Through intensive training and education, impact is made locally in the countries where twinning hospitals are located.

Lexence’s financial contribution provides extra research, more attention and awareness about the existence of childhood cancer.

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What is WCC?

World Child Cancer NL is a global organization that works for children with cancer in poorer countries, to improve the chances of recovery and quality of life of those children. Research in the Netherlands and knowledge transfer abroad are essential here. The Outreach team of the ‘Máxima’ is the central partner of WCC NL.

The Máxima is the best pediatric oncology center in Europe, striving for 100% cure and optimal quality of life for children with cancer.



Wendy de Ruiter-Lörx, managing partner of Lexence: “Involvement is in Lexence’s DNA. This involvement extends beyond the exercise of our profession. The current time increasingly demands awareness and responsibility for the world and environment in which we operate. It is fantastic that Lexence contributes through the World Child Cancer NL Foundation and the Princess Máxima Center to realizing the ambition of curing childhood cancer and improving the quality of life.”

Lexence will contribute to the projects set up and implemented by the Outreach team for the next three years. Scientific research and knowledge transfer are central to this. Through these so-called twinning programs, we together make a big and sustainable difference in the long term for children with cancer, especially with regard to the six curable cancer types. Every year, more than 400,000 children worldwide develop cancer, of which no less than 90% live in poor countries. There the chance of recovery is less than 10%, while in our country it is 80%. World Child Cancer is committed to exporting Dutch knowledge abroad so that the chance of a cure is increased worldwide.

“Together towards a world without childhood cancer, the support and involvement of the renowned law and civil-law notary firm Lexence gives the World Child Cancer NL Foundation the opportunity to facilitate more transfer of knowledge and skills to medical specialists so that more children with cancer in poorer countries have access to care. and receive treatment. We are very grateful to Lexence for this”, says Welmer Blom, Director of World Child Cancer NL.


Welmer Blom, Directeur World Child Cancer NL (left) and Wendy de Ruiter-Lörx, managing partner  Lexence (right)