Substantive areas of expertise

The team’s substantive areas of expertise include tendering law, state aid, environmental law, real estate transactions and leasing. The team’s main specializations are described further below.

Kevin, Anneke, Shanice, Evert, Bart

Specific expertise


The team represents developers, lenders, investors and end-users during the entire lifecycle of a transaction, from the letter of intent to the closing.


The team has expertise in all aspects of the large-scale restructuring of city centers and outlying areas and sustainable area development. The team also specializes in the development of healthcare and social-purpose real estate. In addition, it handles all phases of the development/redevelopment of shopping centers, office complexes, residential projects, hotels, and leisure & entertainment properties, starting with strategic land acquisition.

Construction law

The team’s construction law experts advise on and litigate all issues arising before, during and after the building activities. Pre-building issues include: tendering requirements, state aid and the selection, awarding and conclusion of the most suitable types of construction-related contracts (with e.g. contractors, architects and suppliers). During construction, issues that commonly arise include time extensions, changes to the scope of work, cost-increasing circumstances, completion and the duty to warn. Post-completion issues include latent defects, design defects, construction mistakes,changes to the scope of work, time overruns, damage resulting from building activities and insurance disputes (under construction all risks policies). Sustainability and integrated life-cycle management are of course also recurring focus areas.

Chambers (2021)
''A client states: 'The lawyers have a very strong and in-depth knowledge throughout all real estate-related legal topics'.''

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