About our team

The team takes a pragmatic approach and develops a strategy guaranteed to result in a tight and commercially sound contract. It has developed a library of standard forms for a variety of commercial contracts, leading to substantial cost savings. In the case of contracts with cross-border aspects, the team works closely and seamlessly with member firms in our extensive international network.

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Our expertise

The types of contracts to which the team regularly applies its honed negotiation and drafting skills include:

  • ICT contracts;
  • Distribution, agency and franchise contracts;
  • Consultancy/professional services contracts and service level agreements;
  • Sales contracts and supply contracts;
  • Sourcing/outsourcing contracts;
  • General terms and conditions;
  • Joint ventures and other cooperation agreements.
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Clients include leading food manufacturers, tech companies, ICT suppliers/customers, metal-industry companies and financial service providers.

Relevant experience:

  • Negotiated and drafted software implementation contracts, addenda amending such contracts and settlement agreements for both software suppliers (e.g. SAP and Microsoft) and customers, real estate companies, governmental bodies and metal-industry companies;
  • Drafted supply contracts, joint venture contracts and add-ons for a large dairy producer;
  • Drafted general terms and conditions for various financial service providers, law firms, trading houses and manufacturing companies;
  • Negotiated and drafted franchise contracts for various retailers (fashion, cosmetics);
  • Negotiated and drafted distribution and agency contracts for various retailers and producers (fashion, cosmetics).
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