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PCI Nederland acquired Bouman KantoorTotaal

March 21, 2017 – Digital workplace specialist PCI Nederland has acquired Bouman KantoorTotaal. With the takeover, PCI grows to an impressive total of 300 employees and 25,000 machines. The acquisition comes after PCI’s recent takeovers of CB Groep, Dantuma and Leferink Document Works, among others. Lexence assisted PCI in its acquisition of Bouman KantoorTotaal B.V.

“We are not only becoming bigger, but broader as well,” says Bas Kamphuis, owner of PCI Nederland. “Whereas we originally focused primarily on delivering printers to customers, we have since become the leading workplace specialist in the Netherlands, which can facilitate every aspect of the workplace. We thus hold a unique position in the Dutch market, by combining cloud functionality, workplace automation, document management, printing solutions and our special financing model.”







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