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June 5, 2019 – Lexence is a member of the international network Meritas, a leading global network of independent law firms spanning over 180 firms in over 85 countries around the world. Within Meritas the Employment, Benefits and Immigration Group (EBI Group) was established. A specialist group which brings together experts in local and international employment law from across the Meritas network. As independent law firms, the members of the group advise private individuals, companies and public institutions in their local market on a wide range of people related legal issues. The local contact in the Netherlands is Annejet Balm, lawyer and partner at Lexence.

Key contacts Annejet Balm
Expertise Employment law
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A collaborative network of Employment, Benefits & Immigration lawyers

By working together, members of the EBI Group are able to resolve clients’ domestic and international HR legal challenges; share insights on regulatory developments and enhance the practice of employment and immigration law. One of the key things that has become very clear is the desire for joined-up employment law advice, deliverd by local experts. The Meritas EBI Group has been in operation for over 15 years. The group’s members have developed excellent working relationships. They meet every few months and speak regularly, referring work to each other and sharing know-how on legal developments in employment law. Clients are invited and often attend the group’s frequent meetings.

These close working relationships have enabled the group to provide a cost efficient and effective legal service to clients with needs across multiple different markets. Think of the group as a specialist team of experts within the network – who work together often, know and trust each other to deliver an excellent service and are ready to serve the client, whenever and wherever needed.

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