Lexence has assisted Roamler B.V. on the acquisition of Datlinq B.V.

April 6, 2021 – Roamler has acquired Datlinq, a Netherlands-based data company specialized in foodservice and food retail data. By joining forces in the areas of data collection, insight creation and crowd-based in-store activation, the companies offer brands the opportunity to fully automate their sales and marketing activities in the out-of-home and retail market while getting real-time insight into the results.


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Roamler was founded nearly a decade ago and is now a European leader in crowd-based business solutions. The company has placed itself in a dominant position in the retail industry, providing clients such as Unilever, P&G and Red Bull with a large and flexible community to perform in-store field activities on demand. In 2020, the company raised 20 million euro to expand its operations and partly used the cash injection to buy Datlinq. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, Roamler became one of the three fastest-growing scale-ups in Europe.

The purpose of the strategic acquisition is to further expand Roamler’s value proposition to FMCGs and CPGs and to enable its clients to build a fully data-driven route- to- market in the out-of-home channel. For Datlinq, the acquisition opens the door to further expansion of its data and insights services as well as developing activities in other European countries. Datlinq will keep its own corporate identity and CEO Marco van den Ouden will remain in charge.

Rising to the out-of-home challenge
The out-of-home (OOH) market is extremely volatile, with openings, closures and concept changes affecting an average of 35% of outlets every twelve months. To maximize efficiency and ROI, the ultimate goal for any brand is knowing where to go set up shop and what to focus on at each specific location. Datlinq CEO Marco van den Ouden: “Our up-to-date CRM data and supporting AI-driven targeting helps brands invest in areas that are relevant to end-users of their products.”

For many manufacturers, monitoring retail channels alone represents a challenge; keeping tabs on the actual marketing of their products in convenience stores and hospitality and entertainment venues sets adds even more complications. At the same time, brands are dealing with constant budgetary pressure and, most recently, limited accessibility of the physical outlets due to COVID-19 restrictions. Real-time insight into in-store product availability, visibility and sales is a competitive advantage for consumer brands.

Brands need to maximise the ROI of their field marketing activities, making sure every visit is a hit,” states Roamler CEO Jeroen ten Haave. “With the acquisition of Datlinq we can help them drive growth in OOH as well, by implementing data-driven sales and marketing strategies that meet the needs of their consumers, right where they are.”

A unique combination of data, AI and flexibility
Over the years, Datlinq has built one of the largest OOH databases in Europe. The company gathers relevant data from a range of information resources, such as consumer check-ins and reviews. This data can now be enhanced with the millions of offline insights that the Europe-based Roamler community provides.

Merging online information with offline actionability and a wider reach
By joining forces, the two Dutch companies are able to help manufactures launch their brands in the right location. In addition, Roamler’s boots on the ground also enables FMCGs to monitor how their products are marketed to consumers in each of their outlets.

European expansion
By merging their respective technologies and expertise, Roamler and Datlinq promise to help brands across Europe optimise their route-to-market in OOH and to enhance efficiency through performance-driven outsourcing. Both companies already serve premium brands in the most strategic markets in Europe and together they aim to expand their activities and reach even further.

About Roamler
Founded in 2011, Roamler provides businesses with B2B crowd-supported solutions, answering the the industry’s call for efficiency by employing a large network of on-demand professionals. These ‘Roamlers’ are recruited and organized according to skillset, experience and physical location before being matched to a variety of ‘tasks’. This helps businesses increase flexibility and provides professionals with a wider range of personal and professional growth opportunities.

Roamler is the European leader in crowd-based field-marketing activities, performing tasks for the biggest FMCG manufacturers, consumer brands, PCGs and retail chains. Roamler Tech was launched in 2016, making Roamler the first European company to apply crowdsourcing to B2B technical installations in and around the home, executed by independent and certified professionals. In 2018, Roamler launched Roamler Care, the first-ever venture to increase flexibility and efficiency in the home care and healthcare industries by leveraging the power of a large network of professional caregivers.

Roamler’s client list includes large FMCG retailers such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Red Bull. The company also puts its community of independent installation technicians to work on technical installations, maintenance and repairs at customers’ homes for clients such as Eneco, Ring and ANWB.

About Datlinq
Datlinq’s online database covers three million on and off-trade outlets in Europe. The in-house data science team continuously refreshes and enriches the data pulled from a wide range of (online) resources. The combined result provides clients with comprehensive outlet profiles and accurate CRM data on the many openings and closures to make well-informed sales and marketing decisions. A unique asset of Datlinq’s service is the ‘recommendation engine’, which suggests similar prospects and next-level targeting based on AI. The result is a data-driven sales approach that promotes faster and more cost-efficient sales growth.

To support decision-making and execution, Datlinq also offers decision-making and execution support in the form an extensive insights portfolio and a specific field sales automation app. Datlinq’s data solutions offer clients insight in category and brand performance trends, enabling data driven, go-to-market decision making to promote higher sales volumes across more outlets.

Datlinq’s client list includes Unilever, Swinkels Family Brewers, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Kraft-Heinz, Texel Brewery, FrieslandCampina, Duvel and Van Geloven.