Recent deal ⸱ 01-08-2022

Lexence has advised Calm Investments on the acquisition of Krakend Vers B.V.

August 1, 2022 – Lexence has advised investment company Calm Investments with the acquisition of Krakend Vers B.V. by its subsidiary Koekjesbakkerij Veldt.

Krakend Vers started in 2001 as a traditional supplier to bakeries, specialist shops, wholesalers, caterers and online delivery services and has developed strongly in recent years. By focusing on innovation, Krakend Vers has broadened its portfolio with artisanal OnOats oat crackers, oat biscuits and granola and is thus responding to the demand of younger and more conscious consumers. The development of OnOats oat crackers has put Krakend Vers on the map as a specialist and market leader within the artisanal oat cracker segment.

Koekjesbakkerij Veldt produces traditional biscuits and has a leading market position. The acquisition gives Koekjesbakkerij Veldt the opportunity to further accelerate its impressive growth through the innovations of Krakend Vers.


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