How effective are your expat's non-compete provisions?

10 mei 2013
A crucial aspect of managing expats in your business is to ensure that as they are moved from country to country business protection against any future competitive activity remains effective. In order to manage this for your business, as HR specialist, in-house counsel or commercial director, you need an outline understanding of the legal requirements for business protection against employee competition in different jurisdictions.
Since forewarned is forearmed, Lexence and Meritas have produced a reference guide to employee non-compete agreements across each of 23 jurisdictions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For each of these jurisdictions there are two pages of concise and practical perspective from local firms on how to manage competition both during and after employment, and top tips for drafting non-compete agreements.
Use this Guide to;
1. Get to grips quickly and easily with business protection rules against employee competition in different jurisdictions.
2. Optimise your non-compete agreements with staff using our top drafting tips.
3. Identify when contracts for incoming employees from certain countries will need to be updated/supplemented to ensure business protection in the Netherlands. It is not uncommon for even the most senior managers coming into the Netherlands from some pro-competition jurisdictions to have no restrictions in place at all. This presents a substantial business risk if not remedied by additional protections.
4. Be proactive and ensure that contracts for outgoing expats are effective for potential staff moves abroad.
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