Top spot for Lexence in “Best Real-Estate Lawyers” ranking
19 September 2012

Each year PropertyNL, the largest independent real-estate research center in the Netherlands, publishes a ranking of Dutch law firms that have a real-estate division. The list is based on 3 separate Top 10s: in the volume of transactions, the volume of financing, and the volume of developments. In 2011 the firm involved in the most and the biggest projects (based on the volume of developments) was Lexence. In the overall ranking, Lexence has a top-5 spot.
Here’s what PropertyNL had to say about Lexence:
"When it comes to transactions and developments, Lexence is one of the bigger players among real-estate lawyers. The firm’s assignments portfolio showed strong growth on the developments front in 2011. An important assignment involves advising Development Company Greenport Venlo on all aspects of the Greenport Venlo project related to real estate. Aside from advising and litigating for clients, Lexence also puts a lot into knowledge development. For example, the company is a member of The Netherlands Above Water (NederLandBovenWater), the national think tank for sustainability and area development, and of the National Renovation Platform. Lexence also provides a lot of advice in tenancy law”.