Lexence is strengthening its litigation team by adding Prof.mr. Reinout Wibier to its ranks
1 March 2013

Lexence is strengthening its litigation team as of 1 March by adding Prof.dr. Reinout Wibier (1976) to its ranks. Wibier's expertise is in general property law, focusing specifically on insolvency law, (non-contractual) property law, international private law, securities law and banking law. He is also a professor of private law at the University of Tilburg, where he received his doctorate in 2007 on a thesis entitled ‘Alternatives for surety on bank accounts’. Before moving to Lexence, Wibier worked for Allen & Overy.
Peter Reinders, managing partner, is pleased to see Wibier arrive. “Wibier is one of the top specialists in his field in the Netherlands. Particularly in a changing market such as this, his specific knowledge and experience about processes relating to insolvency and refinancing will make a contribution to the effectiveness of the services provided by Lexence."