Lexence in the top spot and the biggest climber in PropertyNL’s Top Real-Estate Lawyers in area and real-estate development
20 September 2013

PropertyNL’s annual look at real-estate lawyers has revealed that many see the market for legal real-estate advice more internationally. As far as the rankings themselves went, not that much changed, the rise of Lexence being an outlier.
Within real estate, Lexence is active in construction law, financing, tenancy law, notarial practice, environmental law, project and area development, and transactions. PropertyNL took three different areas of specialization as a point of departure for its ranking of lawyers: development, transactions, and financing. From this research Lexence comes out the winner when it comes to legal advice in area/real-estate development, and gets the number two spot overall. In the overall ranking, Lexence is also the biggest climber. Despite the economic climate, Lexence saw a sharp rise in the value of the development projects in which it was involved in 2012.
Here’s what PropertyNL had to say about Lexence:
"Real estate is the core business of Lexence. Within real estate, Lexence has a wide range of specializations, working in such areas as environmental law, area development, construction, buying and selling, and restructuring. Lexence is active in area development, where it specializes in 'transparent legal services.’ This means that a single legal advisor represents all of the parties involved and draws up the legal analyses and contracts in question transparently and without taking sides. The advantages are faster processing, lower costs, and the fullest mutual understanding.
The office was involved in a large number of cases in 2012. In the last year it has been able to count more government bodies, municipalities, and public companies among its customers. One important assignment was that from the state-owned Development Company Greenport Venlo/Trade Point Noord (DCGV/TPN). The project, Greenport Venlo, is the biggest real-estate project ever in the Netherlands, covering 5,400 hectares.
Another development in which Lexence is involved is the development of De Rotterdam, a project by MAB Development and OVG Real Estate in the area of the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam. Led by Menno van Groningen’s team, Lexence is advising OVG; partners Jan Hockx and Rene Rietbroek are also involved. At the moment, De Rotterdam is the biggest construction project in the Netherlands. It is a combination of apartments, a hotel, nightspots, recreational facilities, and offices. It was designed by OMA Architects, where Rem Koolhaas is a partner.
Lexence also focuses on logistics real estate, among other things. As a consultant to Prologis, for example, Lexence offers advice on real-estate matters in connection with a new joint venture, worth more than €2.4 billion, pertaining to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, a real estate portfolio managed by Prologis.”