Lexence gets a new home
2 February 2015

“Infinity became available at just the right moment”
In early 2016, Lexence will be moving into the characteristic and transparent Infinity along the A10 in Amsterdam, the former headquarters of ING. What’s the story behind this decision? Will these new premises suit Lexence? And what will it offer its business contacts and clients? We spoke extensively with Peter Reinders, managing partner of Lexence, about their forthcoming move.
Peter: “The idea for new office space actually came about a number of years ago when we noticed that we were starting to outgrow our existing offices. We started out with two floors in the Anrooy Building, and we had the right to lease extra floors if they became available. Soon thereafter we added a third floor, then a fourth, and before long we had run out of available space.”
Before Lexence started looking for a new home, they decided to wait. They first wanted to give it some thought: What does Lexence stand for, and how should their new offices reflect that? Peter: “At that point there were a couple of important elements that emerged. First, we wanted a location that was easy to find. Besides that, the building had to be transparent. Another key requirement was that we wanted to support “different ways of working” – working in teams, more interaction – by means of the new location. We deliberately chose not to go with a single open space. We’ve noticed that people become attached to their own workspace. Plus a large part of the work we do is knowledge-intensive, and that requires concentration. We did want to encourage personal interaction and to offer team accommodations. We also wanted a sustainable and characteristic building, something that would fit Lexence’s reputation.”
Deliberate choice for existing building
Lexence next mapped out what was available on the market. There were many vacant buildings at that point, but none of them made the grade. Peter: “They were in the wrong location, they weren’t transparent enough or the layout of the space wasn’t right.  And increasingly we came to realize: we don’t want a new building. From that point on our attention shifted to redevelopment, and that’s what we started to search for. Right at that moment we got wind of the availability of this building - Infinity - which several new tenants would be occupying (multi-tenant). It met all of our requirements: it’s an existing building, it’s energy-efficient and it’s iconic. And it’s a prudent transaction.”
There was never any doubt that Lexence would remain in Amsterdam. Even though they operate at the national level and maintain an international network, they quite deliberately chose to keep a single office in a single location in the Netherlands. Peter: “Amsterdam fits us, it fits our clients and it fits the young talent that we attract. It’s a nice place to live, to work and to develop your career. In its short history, Lexence has always been different than other firms. We are close to our clients, we are specialized in real estate and corporate law, we work in relatively small teams and we have deliberately opted for a unique management structure. It also suits us to be taking up residence in an unorthodox building. It’s not just a platform for new developments. It’s also a continuation of being different, just as we distinguish ourselves in a positive way in our public communications, our radio ads, etc. We don’t want to do everything for everyone; we want to do what we do very well.”
New location supports philosophy of putting client first
Peter continues: “It was clear to us right away that we wanted the interior design to reflect the fact that we put our clients first. So the central location in the new building will be the “client plaza” where clients can meet each other and where we can consult with them. If they’re working away from the office and need a place to get some work done, they will also be able to make use of our infrastructure and facilities to conduct business. And of course we will also provide them with an excellent cup of coffee. The concept is based on the “notion of community”, so these aren’t just workplaces and conference rooms. Above all, we want to be welcoming. Based on this core stance, we want to be transparent about who we are and what we do. For this reason there is a very spacious and light atrium above the client plaza around which the workplaces are situated. There needs to be a good balance between transparency and discretion, of course. There are obviously certain elements which are hidden from public view so as to ensure sufficient privacy during important consultations or negotiations.”
New development curve based on existing values
Lexence will soon be moving out of its building on Peter van Anrooystraat. Still, they have no reason at all to complain about this building. Peter: “Every accommodation suits a particular stage of development, and we’ve really enjoyed this building. During our build-up phase, it did for us what we expected of it. Now we’ve outgrown it in all dimensions, both height and width. So you shouldn’t confuse no-nonsense with a lack of quality. We are results-oriented and passionate, and you can’t forget the young talent either. For us, now is a good time to depart. It fits a new development curve, while we will nevertheless remain true to our own values and will continue to deliver excellent service for a good price.”
Lexence expects to be able to move into their new premises in early 2016. Until then you will be kept up to date via our website and of course we look forward to raising a glass with you in due time in honor of our new home!