Lexence appoints Arthur Kaspers as director
1 July 2013

Dr. Arthur Kaspers, LLM has been appointed to the executive board of Lexence for a period of three years starting on 1 July. Kaspers succeeds Mark Keuss LLM, who is standing down after his period of office expires. In addition to his board duties, Kaspers will continue his legal practice.
Arthur Kaspers is one of the founders of Lexence. He specializes in environmental law (spatial planning and environmental law). He handles legal action and advises in cases involving zoning plans, permits and enforcement of (administrative-law related) regulations. He also handles complex cases related to soil contamination, environmental permits and (government) liability. Kaspers primarily acts on behalf of real estate developers, owners, investors and managers. Arthur is an active member of the Vereniging van Milieurecht Advocaten (Dutch Society of Environmental Lawyers).
As of 1 July, the executive board of Lexence will consist of  Dr. Peter Reinders, Michiel van Schooten LLM , and  Dr. Arthur Kaspers LLM.