Stockholders sell CLIQ B.V. to German listed company Bob Mobile AG
16 February 2012

Lexence advised the stockholders of CLIQ B.V. on the sale of CLIQ B.V. to Bob Mobile AG, a German listed company. CLIQ B.V. is a specialist in interactive media and one of the world’s biggest players in mobile entertainment. Bob Mobile AG is the market leader in value-added mobile services.
In parallel with the transaction, Bob Mobile AG increased its interest in Guerrilla Mobile (mobile content provider) to 100%. As a result of the acquisition, the combination has access to more than two billion potential customers in more than 40 countries, including most of Europe, Brazil, Canada and, Russia. In addition to faster growth, the combination expects a surge in mobile gaming and a significant cost reduction as a result of synergy advantages. Characteristic of the transaction is that with the bulk of the sale price being paid in shares in Bob Mobile AG, the acquisition has the effect of a merger and was considered as such by the parties involved. The difficult part of this transaction was connecting the different separate processes.
Because of the variety of components, such as the acquisition of CLIQ B.V., the acquisition of Guerrilla Mobile, the stock exchange rules, and the financing process, we needed to divide the process into three phases (signing, second signing, and closing) instead of the traditional two phases (signing and closing).

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