Prologis builds distribution center in Venlo
27 August 2014

Prologis will start the construction of a 36,000-m² distribution center at Trade Port Noord in Venlo, at the Prologis Park. This is the first time Prologis is doing this at its own risk, since no lessee has yet been contracted for DC6.


The distribution center will be available for letting at the beginning of 2015. It will be 12.2 meters in height and have LED lighting and a Breeam sustainability certificate of ‘very good’. The facility could potentially be expanded to more than 70,000 m2. With the construction of Venlo DC6, Prologis expands its portfolio in Venlo. At the moment Prologis owns five fully leased distribution centers totaling 156,000 m2 in Prologis Park Venlo.


‘Large modern distribution centers are scarce at the moment. Not only in Venlo, but throughout the southern Netherlands. The limited supply, high occupancy rate and rising rents in Venlo gave us the confidence to realize this development at our own risk,’ says Bram Verhoeven, senior vice president & country manager at Prologis Benelux.


Stephan Satijn, Venlo alderman for Economic Affairs, says: ‘Logistics is important for the economy in Venlo and in the region of northern Limburg. We are therefore extremely pleased at this development.’
According to his colleague alderman Bob Vostermans in Horst aan de Maas (Regional Economic Affairs, CDA), the expansion is proof of the optimal business conditions at Trade Port Noord. ‘We see interest and the market picking up, so we hope this expansion will be the prelude to more businesses setting up shop here in future.’


Richard Elich, director of TPN, sees the plan for the new distribution center as proof that the resurgence in describing the Venlo-Venray region as logistics hot spot number 1 is not just wishful thinking: “The infrastructure in place, the accessibility, the availability of land and the constructive cooperation of the local and regional authorities involved offer TPN a successful future.”


Including the agreement with Prologis, some 280,000 m2 of land has now been sold at Trade Port Noord. Other buyers include Canon and VS Rubber. A total of 231 hectares can be given out.

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