Green Real Estate purchases the Anna van Bueren building from VolkerWessels
12 January 2012

Green Real Estate has purchased the Anna van Bueren Building in The Hague, close to the central station. The tenant is Leiden University College The Hague, which is part of the university. The Anna van Bueren Building comprises 396 student flats, plus approximately 5000 m2 for the university and 1500 m2 commercial floor area.
BNG is acting as the financier. DTZ Zadelhoff advised Fortress on this purchase. The construction company Wessels Zeist is both the principal contractor and the seller. Wiel Arets Architects were responsible for the design.
Fortress is busy realising a commercial floor area on the ground floor, with catering facilities and shops. The various other projects in and around the station area mean that there will be a lively environment, according to the developer, with all the necessary facilities close at hand. The underlying Q-Park parking facilities for the central station have already been realised and New Babylon will be delivered in mid-2012. The central station is also undergoing major renovations and a new square is being built, the Anna van Buerenplein. This will be completed at the same time as the Anna van Bueren Building is delivered.

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