Council of State suspends Heerlen multi-plan
10 February 2014

For the time being Multi Vastgoed developers will not be authorized to start construction of the multifunctional De Plu project in Heerlen. On Monday, February 17, 2014, the Council of State suspended Heerlen council’s decisions on the Schinkelkwadrant-Zuid zoning plan and the building permit. That became apparent from the ruling of the country’s highest court published on Tuesday, February 18. The project included more than 18,350 m2 of retail space and 7,000 m2 of council offices.
The main reason for suspending the decisions was the court’s fear of an increasing number of empty stores and the consequences of the project for the 25,000-m2 ‘t Loon shopping mall in Heerlen. The appeal was submitted by, among others, NSI (owner of 't Loon), the Weller Wonen foundation (developer of Maankwartier), and real estate investor Metroprop (owner of De Bongerd shopping mall in Heerlen). Maankwartier – a €170 million project of Weller, Jongen Vastgoed, and NS Poort – includes 14,000 m2 of retail space. Lexence represented NSI.

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