The Real Work

Lexence provides optimal service, quality without compromise and maximum efficiency. In practice that means:

Short lines. Long relationships.

Lexence’s lawyers and civil-law notaries do not work from an ivory tower. We can always be contacted. From early morning to late evening, ready for the real work. That applies for everyone at Lexence. From our partners to our interns. Because we know that we can only forge a close relationship if you can count on being able to reach us. 


Small teams. Big cases.

At Lexence we believe in growth, but not in ‘the bigger, the better.’ We would rather be quick and efficient. That is why we work in small teams with specialists carefully selected to complement each other. Lawyers and civil law notaries who are always focused on the real work. Complex cases in real estate and corporate and commercial law. Interested in learning more about our efficient way of working? Visit us at
Lexence lawyers & civil law notaries. The Real Work.


Deep knowledge. Sharp minds.

You won’t find a jack of all trades among the lawyers at Lexence. Each one of our lawyers and civil law notaries is a specialist. Always engaged in the real work. Sharp minds who can provide you with concrete advice because they know you and your business through and through. Experts in real estate and corporate and commercial law who want to work with you to get the best deals. 


Curious about how we can work with you to build a successful team? Find our direct numbers on people, or contact us at +31 20 5736 736.