About Lexence

Lexence  provides legal services to organizations and businesses that operate on the Dutch market. The firm's 125-plus professionals, including 80 lawyers and notaries, work in enthusiastic teams led by committed partners.
Lexence has clearly-defined values embedded across our firm and in our work for clients.

1. Our clients receive legal advice on real estate and corporate law issues, strongly driven by results and cost awareness.  

  • We only do what we excel at, so that the services we provide are solid, tactically astute and cost-efficient.
  • We use short lines of communication, and we are enterprising, close at hand, and independent.
  • We get right to the point: we don't like red tape and we focus on  solutions for clients and our colleagues.

  • 2. Lexence offers its staff an inspiring work environment that fosters continuous development.  

  • We take individual responsibility for our growth and development, so that we can be successful colleagues who are pleasant to work with.
  • We contribute actively to the development of in-depth expertise and professional skills.

  • Individually, we each play our part in making Lexence a wonderful working environment in which growth is not merely possible but genuinely encouraged.


    These values are enshrined in the Laws of Lexence. Lexence is an independent firm which, as necessary, can provide clients with access to firms that supply knowledge and experience unique to a specific jurisdiction. Our independence allows Lexence to select ‘the right firm for the job’ through our membership of the Meritas worldwide network for instance, a high-quality legal network of independent offices.