Real estate development & transactions

A multidisciplinary team of specialists from the legal and notarial profession in the fields of tendering law, state aid, environmental law, real estate transactions and lease law, deal in full with all the phases and legal aspects of real estate development and transactions. 
Our lawyers, civil-law notaries and deputy civil-law notaries have expertise in house on, among other things:
  • Legal guidance on transactions to developers, financiers, investors and end-users. The team advices its clients throughout the entire process from the declaration of intent to the signing of the contract.
  • All aspects of large-scale restructuring of town centres and rural areas, durable area development and the development of social and care real estate projects. 
  • All phases, from the development or redevelopment of shopping centres, office buildings, housing corporation projects, hotels, care institutions, to the leisure and entertainment industry. This begins with strategic acquisition of the land. 
  • Construction law such as extension of the construction period, variations in the amount of work and building materials, chargeable items, circumstances leading to additional costs, disputes about insurance including construction all risk insurance etc.



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Chambers (2017): Sources recommend the team for its "great quality, friendly people" who are "no-nonsense and result driven."

Chambers (2016): "Its lawyers have a very high level of service-oriented skills, which is not that easy to find."