Insolvency, financing & securities

The litigation lawyers of Lexence have vast experience in insolvency law. They represent parties who are confronted with bankruptcies. This could include (the management of) companies that are themselves facing financial difficulties or companies with insolvent counterparties (for example, suppliers or buyers).

The litigation team also regularly advises and litigates in cases concerning (the establishment and execution of) personal and commercial security rights, such as suretyships, exemptions from the obligation to file and publish financial statements and rights of pledge and mortgage.

Relevant experience:


  • representation of and consultancy to the Executive Board and Supervisory Board of a large healthcare institution facing financial difficulties;
  • representation of and consultancy to companies confronted by a receiver with actio pauliana;
  • execution (as the result of “spurious release”) of mortgage rights established on parts of a bankrupt recreation park;
  • representation of and consultancy to the shareholder/director of a machinery manufacturing company in realizing a restart.