Fraud & asset tracing

The litigation team of Lexence has broad experience in fraud and asset tracing & recovery. Fraud cases are increasingly coming to light. It is important in this context to take action quickly and resolutely, in order to prevent assets and evidence from being lost. It is also very important for a person suspected of fraud to immediately position him/herself optimally.


The litigation team handles cases from both angles of approach and is regularly engaged for civil cases for the avoidance of legal transactions, the determination of sham transactions or recovery of damage, possibly after prejudgment attachments (of evidence) have been made. If necessary, the litigation lawyers work with criminal lawyers, forensic accountants and public affairs consultants.


Relevant experience:


  • assistance to financial services provider in various criminal, civil and disciplinary proceedings concerning employment fraud; 
  • proceedings in several cases concerning pallet and packaging fraud by employees; 
  • the levying of prejudgment attachment of evidence on fraud documents, including (digital) bank statements, and the enforcement of insight into the attached documents in preliminary relief proceedings; 
  • assistance to various directors in forensic investigation into (bankruptcy) fraud; 
  • assistance to management team in fraud investigation concerning turnover manipulation in the telecom sector.