Franchise & distribution

The litigation lawyers of Lexence have specialist knowledge in the area of franchise and distribution. They regularly assist franchisors and distributors in managing their (franchise) network (reorganization, termination, change in formula) and resolving conflicts with individual franchisees or buyers. They also advise frequently on franchise and distributor agreements, the set-up of franchise associations and pre-contractual obligations (including prognoses).


Relevant experience:


  • advice and assistance to various franchisors on the termination and winding up of franchise agreements, for instance on account of structurally loss-making operations, breaches in compliance, and anticipatory breach; 

  • assistance to franchisors in setting up a franchise network;  

  • advice to distributor on exclusivity of (oral) distributor agreement with private international law aspects; 

  • advice to franchisor on the set-up of dispute settlement mechanism in connection with binding goodwill determination; 

  • assistance to franchisee in contractual dispute with franchisor about the size of the exclusive territory allocated.