Directors’ and officers’ liability

Directors (and supervisory officers) are often personally sued for damages: by the company at which they were a director, on grounds of improper performance, by the company’s creditors, on grounds of unlawful prejudicial treatment; or by the receiver, on grounds of manifestly improper management in the event of the company's bankruptcy.


The litigation lawyers of Lexence have broad experience in consultancy and litigation concerning directors’ and officers’ liability and insurance for such liability. They represent insurers, companies and individual directors (and supervisory officers).


Relevant experience:


  • advice to the Executive Board and Supervisory Board of a large healthcare institution facing financial difficulties; 

  • representing a director of an insolvent real estate company in liability proceedings brought by a creditor who remained unpaid;  

  • advice to a housing association in connection with improper performance by its director; 

  • proceedings against a directors’ and officers’ liability insurer in connection with a dispute on the insurance coverage;

  • representing a trust administrator in inquiry and liability proceedings initiated by shareholders.