Sander Theunissen


​​Sander specializes in employment law. He litigates and advises in various cases, including individual and collective dismissal law, co-determination law and transfer of undertakings. He is regularly involved in consultancy disputes concerning flexible employment relationships (zero-hours contracts, min-max contracts, management agreements, secondment and placement) and employee benefits (employee handbooks and CLA-related problems). Sander has broad experience in European and international (procedural) employment law.

Sander writes for Sdu Commentaar Arbeidsrecht Thematisch on topics that include “Dismissals”, “Illness” and “Appointments”. He also regularly publishes in professional journals on other employment-law topics. In addition, Sander is a lecturer at Sdu (summary dismissal and privacy in employment law) and a long-time editor of the jurisprudence journal Rechtspraak Arbeidsrecht (RAR).

Sander joined Lexence on January 1, 2016 and was sworn in as a lawyer in 2010. He previously worked at HDK Advocaten and at BarentsKrans. Sander studied at the Rijksuniversiteit in Groningen. He successfully completed the post-doctoral specialization in employment law at the Grotius Academie in 2015.


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