Luc Habets

Luc Habets

lawyer, partner

Luc Habets is specialized in corporate takeovers and private equity transactions. He also fulfills a number of external lectureships in these areas. Industry peers have repeatedly nominated Luc as one of the leading Dutch takeover lawyers. In 2016 he won a prestigious M&A award, being named 'Best M&A Lawyer Mid Market'.

Luc has been with Lexence since 1998. Before that he worked for an international law office (in Amsterdam and Jakarta) where he became partner in 1996. Luc was admitted to the Bar in 1989.
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Chambers: Luc Habets regularly handles M&A and private equity transactions, acting for established private equity houses. He draws praise for his negotiation skills from clients, who say he "comes across as being very friendly and helpful but can be also be very tough in negotiations, but he doesn't create tensions in meetings, instead, he resolves tensions." (2018)

Luc Habets acts on private equity, mergers and takeovers. Clients describe him as "a level-headed, extremely seasoned lawyer with the ability to steer discussions and negotiations in the right direction." (2017)

Luc Habets is a transactional corporate lawyer reputed for his work in the mid-market. Clients describe him as "very proactive and customer-oriented," and somebody who "facilitates rather than frustrates deals." Another source says: "He has very good lines of information, makes sure that the negotiations stay on track and is very convincing.

Luc Habets specialises in mid-market M&A transactions, particularly investments, and is described by clients as "phenomenal in negotiations" as well as in "coming up with pragmatic and balanced solutions." (2016)
Legal 500: Lexence’s sizeable team handles a high volume of mid-market deals, an area in which Luc Habets is well known. He recently advised a leading Dutch private equity group on its investment in a European company (2015)