Frank ter Huurne

lawyer, partner

Frank ter Huurne advises and handles litigation in every important field of employment law (primarily employment termination law). His practice is focused on ‘high impact’ termination cases. He also has a special interest in research into and the forensics of fraud, and in its consequences for employment law. Frank’s clients include larger private employers, ranging from non-profit organizations to listed companies.
Frank concentrates on a limited number of sectors:
- services (consultancy and healthcare);
- industry (ICT, mechanical and electrical engineering and food); and
- sport.
Frank is a permanent instructor at Sdu and regularly publishes in academic journals, in particular on the topics of fraud and behavior which oversteps moral standards.
Frank joined Lexence in 2008. He studied Dutch law at the University of Groningen and completed the specialization in employment law at the Grotius Academie.
Frank was sworn in as a lawyer in 2003.


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