Prof. dr. Bart van Zadelhoff

tax adviser, of counsel

Bart van Zadelhoff specializes in tax law, working closely with the notaries and lawyers at Lexence and providing legal/fiscal advice for clients, particularly in the fields of turnover tax and transfer tax. Bart is published regularly and is both an editorial board member and permanent member of staff at the Weekblad fiscaal recht (Fiscal Law Weekly Journal), the Fiscale encyclopedie De Vakstudie (Tax Encyclopaedia - Professional Studies), Beslissingen in belastingzaken Nederlandse belastingrechtspraak (BNB, Decisions in Dutch Tax Law Cases) and Fiscale Berichten voor het Notariaat (FBN, Fiscal Messages for the Notarial Profession).


Bart is also affiliated to the tax advisers (KPMG) Meijburg & Co., where he has a fiscal consultancy practice. In addition, he is a professor of tax law at the University of Groningen and deputy justice at the Court in 's-Hertogenbosch.


After completing his studies in Dutch law at the VU University Amsterdam, Bart worked for the tax authorities, where he completed the (post-doctoral) training course as an inspector. He was then affiliated to the University of Amsterdam in a teaching capacity, where he received his doctorate in 1992 with a thesis on 'Real Estate and Value Added Tax'. Bart was sworn in in 1984.




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